Uprising Voices

Acrylic on canvas. 40cm x 60cm.

From “Iran’s Uprising” series, 2018. This woman covering her face from teargas is the symbol of the current movement in Iran across online platforms. The colors gradating from green to red echoes the movement beginning in peace, moving in to aggression, and becoming antagonistic due to the suppression of Iranian people by the current Iranian regime.


Oil on canvas. 40cm x 60cm.

A series of acid attacks on women was carried out in 2014, targeting women in Isfihan, Iran for not being “properly” veiled. The attackers were conservative Islamist vigilantes trying to intimidate women into wearing “modest” dress.

I painted this painting, called Acid, because I was totally absorbed in these incidences. I am trying to record this part of human history and it’s brutality against women.